Simplifying investments and Trading

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Half Day Sunday Workshop

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Trainer is studying Phd in Finance

Simplifying investments and Trading

Finance is a crucial aspect of wealth building, Stocks and shares have been tradiotionaly  known to build long term wealth.  These types of programs suggest a highly paid skill set to every participant.  After the half day workshop, We have a 6 month in depth course.

Our students work in different multinational companies, advertising agencies, and production houses after completing these courses. The main aim of our institute is to provide courses that employ learners by teaching them industry-standard knowdledge. Our institute provides training in short-term and long-term career-oriented programs. These courses are often updated and become better according to the trends. Our teams of experts crafted and finalized the curriculum of these programs.

These courses are specially for those individuals who believe in wealth creation through stocks and shares.

What Will You Learn?

1. Quant based Trading
2. Modern Technical analysis tools
3. Powerful Derivative Strategies
4.Intraday Strategies

5.Long term investing entries and exits

Identifying high-probability, low-risk trading opportunities

Next generation Trading strategies

Intraday Strategies

Best Investment entry and exits

Simplifying investments and Trading

We will support you to acquire familiarised with 20+ industry-leading tools used by Graphic Designing professionals and agencies across the countryside. These tools support you to attain an automation power to express your brand journey.


At the eTechSkill Academy, we’re always exploring innovative and engaging ways to support students to achieve their desired goals. We are working to provide quality training to our students. Our biggest success is we provide the most satisfactory training to our students.​

✓10+ Certifications
✓ 100% Jobs Interview Guarantee Offer



Students, Freelancers, Profffesionals, Entreprenuers, Self Employed and Brand Managers 


Business Owners

Women Entreprenuers

Simplifying investments and Trading Workshop​

eTechSkill Academy invites you to an Orientation Workshop on stock trading and investing. This one-of-a-kind event gives you an understanding on how institutions impact the financial markets and your money.
Venue: 3rd Floor, Goa Chamber Hall, Opp Azad Maidan, Panjim, Goa.
Date: 19th November 2022 (9.30am to 1.00pm) SATURDAY
What you will learn:
✔️ Identifying high-probability, low-risk trading opportunities
✔️ Combining Fundamentals & Market Timing to make the most of your investments
✔️ Next generation Trading strategies
✔️ Rule base vs Discretionary trading
✔️ Intraday Strategies
✔️ Best Investment entry and exits
Learn how to identify quality undervalued stocks using fundamentals & know when to buy & sell your investment positions using the power of demand & supply strategy on higher time frame charts, also learn to diversify your investment portfolio across multiple asset classes using the same strategy.
Participants will get all the answers in this workshop.
Rs. 999 incls of gst per participant.
More than 5 participants will pay Rs.
Students pay Rs. 899/- incls of gst
Limited seats! Register Now.
Direct Message or Call Or WhatsApp: 8788808066
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