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Linkedin for Building Company Page

Created a LinkedIn company page and don’t know how to make money out of it?
Join our 5 day Master Class!
This is for:
-Sales and Marketing Managers for Lead generation
-Entrepreneurs who want SALES
-Meet Clients online from MD’s, CFO’s, CEO’s and decision makers
I’m sure you want to learn Tips & Tricks right?
Then this Masterclass is for you!
To train YOU how to monetize your LinkedIn!
Trainer is Parvish Andani Kamat, Goa based Digital Marketing Trainer, having a marketing background of over 25 years.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the changing LinkedIn algorithm
  • Steps to Fully Optimize LinkedIn company page
  • Increase LinkedIn Company Page Connections  
  • Steps to Fully Optimize LinkedIn company engagements
Sales & marketing Managers
Connect with MD’s, etc.​
Connect with decision makers​

Linkedin Platform

We will support you to express your brand journey using this platform.

1.    Recruit on LinkedIn: the benefits

2.    Use LinkedIn effectively to Recruit Top Talent

3.    What not to do when recruiting on LinkedIn

 4.    Recruit on LinkedIn for free (or cheap) 



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